May, 2012

Honing Performance and Shaking off Anxiety

May 23, 2012 Caroleeena hoopdanceHoopingPoiUncategorized

Someone recently asked me, “When did you stop being nervous before a performance?” I responded, “Stop? Maybe one day … but I don’t think they make calendars that far in advance.” I am always nervous before a performance or speaking engagement or even before teaching my classes. I’m a shy person who has to work […]



A Short Building Posture Ritual

May 16, 2012 Caroleeena hoopdancehoopdanceHoopingPoiUncategorized

It only takes a second to reset optimal posture for movement arts, to build a posture of strength in your full range of motion. You start from the ground up: Feel your weight in your heels. Lift and then place the ball of each foot on the ground, one at a time, under the hips. […]


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