January, 2014

Ruminations Upon Making A Tutorial Video

January 29, 2014 Caroleeena PoetryTutorialUncategorizedVideo

Organize information Turn on camera Forget information Turn off camera Review Turn on camera Stumble over information Drop hoop Run out of battery Replace battery Talk Bird starts talking too Cat knocks over recycling cans bat – pat – rat tat tat tat Bird breaks into song Badly Loudly Stuffy cat snoreszzzz below mic Bird […]



My Day in Gifs

January 19, 2014 Caroleeena Gif StoryUncategorized

So, I have been sick for a few days and it’s really getting on my nerves. I am taking steps to take care of myself but I am still sick even though I have been eating fruits and vegetables I’ve been taking hot baths to ease my body aches and help me breathe: But I […]



How to Break Down, Describe, and Name Hoop Moves

January 3, 2014 Caroleeena DancehoopdanceHoopingMovementUncategorized

One challenge of keeping a hoop journal is figuring out what to call a move and/or how to describe it. It’s also a challenge for hoop teachers. Hopefully these tips will help. I try to start with a short metaphor or analogy for the name (lasso, stir the pot, infinity, beam me up, pizza toss, […]


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