December, 2014

Caroleeena’s Interview on HulaHoopla Podcast

December 30, 2014 Caroleeena interviewpodcast

While I was at Hoop Camp, I was fortunate to be interviewed by the beautiful Hoopanista, Paige Tashner, of the Hula Hoopla podcast. This is a link to that interview: Caroleeena: Putting The Dance Into Hoopdance


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Building Strength for Pirouettes … Safely

December 18, 2014 Caroleeena DancehoopdanceMovement

Demi Pointe is a ballet term that means to support the body’s weight by balancing on the balls of one or both feet with heels off the floor. Being able to lift the heel or heels is essential for pirouettes because you literally spin on the ball of the foot. Having a lot of strength […]


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Baby Doll Hands – the Fingerwork of T-Rex Arms

December 5, 2014 Caroleeena DancehoopdanceMovementPerformance

  Baby Doll Hands are the fingerwork of T-Rex Arms and Chicken Wings. They are common among both new and experienced hoopers. This is the hand pose of baby dolls that are made to hold bottles. Baby Doll Hands are slightly rounded with the thumb almost touching, or touching, the thumb. They are the contracted […]


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