My September Journey Into Splits

September 18, 2017 Caroleeena healthHoopingsplitsUncategorizedYoga

This month, I set a goal of trying to get better at forward splits. I’ve made a lot of progress very fast and I want to share how. I can tell you some things about splits. Most people who teach them teach them in ways that are painful and not very good for your body, […]


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Using Performance to Help People with Alzheimer’s and Dementia

February 23, 2014 Caroleeena Dancehealthmental healthPerformance

I recently sculpted a fire performance for a group of 80-somethings. For this performance, I chose happy songs that were popular in the 30’s & 40’s. I did this because I know many of our elders are affected by Alzheimer’s and/or dementia and I have read that familiar music from when we were 18-25 requires […]



Nutrition for Flexibility

September 9, 2013 Caroleeena FoodhealthnutritionRecipeUncategorized

If there was one thing I learned in gymnastics, it was that eating the proper fuel for our body can greatly increase our flexibility. Before Stretching: Thirty minutes to an hour before I stretch, I eat a big plate of leafy greens with vegetables or fruits, usually in the form of a salad, but sometimes […]



My Hidden Hoopdance with Agoraphobia

August 5, 2013 Caroleeena healthHoopingmental health

Agoraphobia has been the biggest challenge of my life. I’ve never said that out loud before. The outside world is unpredictable. You never know when or where something terrible will happen. I know this from experience. It’s not safe out there. I prefer to stay home, in an environment I have some control over. Going […]



Chilled Strawberry Beet Soup with Macadamia Topping

July 18, 2013 Caroleeena FoodhealthnutritionRecipe

When it comes to eating for color, you can’t beat this dish. It contains three reds–beets, strawberries and tomatoes. Your cutting board will look like you murdered someone. (Don’t be afraid.) Need energy and nutrition but don’t have time for a lot of work? Try this delicious, low-calorie, high-energy, vibrantly colorful recipe for a nutrition-packed […]


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Bruises – A Serious Health Risk for Hoopers

December 1, 2011 Caroleeena healthHoopingUncategorized

I have been reading with growing alarm accounts of people hooping on bruises and even getting hematomas (lumps of displaced blood under the skin) and still continuing to hoop. It is scaring the pants off me!!! This is the most common public health issue for hoopers and it is much more dangerous than most people […]


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