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Norma Desmond

2015 was an amazing year for hooping. It gave birth to new forms of dance, new blogs, new podcasts, new service projects. I want to hear from you about what inspired you in each of these areas. A tip of the Top Hat to all of them and all of you!

I want to hear what inspired you in 2015. Please share links to hoop-related dances, blogs, podcasts, service projects, and art projects that moved you. Do not hesitate to nominate your own endeavors! You have every right to be proud of your accomplishments.

This totally subjective awards process is meant to inspire and honor the hoop community’s creative movers and shakers. Nominations may be submitted from January 1 to January 10. Nominations end at midnight EST.

Remember that these awards were created to recognize whole dances that contain no edits. If you dropped a hoop but you think the rest of the dance was great, share it anyway, especially if you picked the hoop back up in a creative way. Remember that the only permissible edit is replacing the music with a better copy of the same music to create a better listening/viewing experience. (The only exception to this is the Art Film Category.)

In addition to the link, feel free to share why you think each dance is exceptional. This is not required but I would really like to hear what inspired or moved you.

You don’t have to make a nomination in every category.

This is not a popularity contest so nominating the same dance over and over will have no effect on the outcome. It will just make the process take longer. I promise I will view every single video submitted.

JamieThe criteria I will use in selecting outstanding dances will be similar to what I use in the Putting The Dance In Hoopdance group — storytelling, energy, use of space, and variations in level changes, speed changes, expansion and contraction, alternation and repetition, and elements of dance. I will provide a detailed critique of each Top Hat Award winner that explains what I saw in each one and hopefully we can use these to help grow our dances. I also look forward to interviewing each Award winner so we can all learn from each other’s process. (Hopefully we will actually be able to do this live through a Google group that the lovely Jamie Torres of PeaceHoops has set up for this purpose. If you’d care to join that group, here is a link:

Thank you all for participating … not just in this but over the past year in the Putting The Dance In Hoopdance group and in the 10+ years before that of YouTube and Tribe. I learn and grow from all your sharings and I appreciate the courage and vulnerability it takes to share your dances, your blogs, your podcasts, and especially your service projects.

I am enjoying watching hoopdance grow and evolve and you are all a part of that. I also look forward to seeing where it goes from here. Where it GROWS from here.

Let’s dance.

Click the link below to submit your nominations:

Top Hat Nomination Form


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  • Caroleeena says:

    Please fill out the form in the blog. That sorts all the nominations by category and allows for adding all the pertinent information per each nomination. The link is at the very bottom of the page. It is in black and it reads “Top Hat Nomination Form”

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