Long Distance Learning

Caroleeena is now offering Long Distance Learning Classes via Skype or Google Voice
Long Distance Learning

Remote teaching is $50 for 1 hour (but allow 90 minutes. I am enthusiastic and sometimes go over so and this also allows for problem-solving any tech problems.)

What You Will Need:
– A computer with stable internet access
– A web cam
– Skype (https://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-computer/ ) or Google Video Chat
– Enough floor space to pass the hoop around you hand-to-hand (We can work with whatever you have. My ceilings are not very high but I can go someplace with higher ceilings if we need them.)
– Light! (I usually turn on the overhead light but also some lamps–1 off to the side of the camera, 1 halfway between the camera and me, also off to the side
– Natural fiber, form-fitting clothes preferably with skin exposed at the upper arms and shoulders and also at the thighs. Skin is much grippier than fabric and it can be helpful for learning shoulder moves and thigh moves.

To Register:
– PayPal $50 to Carolyn. Mabry@gmail.com (Send Money Via PayPal)
– Send an email to Carolyn.Mabry@gmail.com detailing dates and times you are available and what you are interested in learning so I can pre-plan a class ahead of time. I am very flexible on times. I am a night owl so don’t be afraid to choose a time that is late at night here. I live in Raleigh, NC and we are on Eastern Standard Time (EST) but, again, I am available many days and most nights. We can work around YOU!

*Note:  I recommend recording the session through your webcam software. You can also use a video camera to record it as it plays on your computer. I am not good at telling people how to do that because all software is different. I think Google Video Chat allows you save it straight to YouTube! (Saving it somehow will allow you to keep the lesson and review it later. I usually squeeze a lot into classes and it can be easy to forget what all we covered.)

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