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April 29, 2013 Caroleeena Dance

fans to use

I am teaching Fan Dances at Hoop Convergence. If you don’t have fans, I have found some at my local Asian market. Right now they have the bottom three colors (red, yellow and pink) for $20 a pair. If you’d like a pair, let me know and I’ll pick some up for you before HoopCon. But let me know soon! They don’t keep extra stock. (Hopefully they’ll get in some other colors like the green and gold pictured above or orange, which they’ve had in the past, but they buy in bulk and don’t know what they’ll have until they arrive.) What they have now is red, yellow, or pink.

There are still day passes available for Hoop Convergence. For more information, go to

Here is the description of my class:¬†Fan Dancing is the ancient art of dancing with fans. It is embraced by both men and women, and is found in almost every culture on the planet. In this class, we will draw on many cultures — the flamenco fans of Spain and Portugal, the kung fu fighting fans of China and Korea, Japanese geisha fans, Vietnamese silk fans (both long and short), cabaret feather fans, Native American feather fans and moves and poses specific to fire fans (though almost all these styles can be integrated into fire fans). We will also explore ways to move and improvise with fans. Please bring fans to use and extras to share if you have them (even if you have only one), ideally a fan that opens and closes. (You can often find beautiful fans at Asian markets or Mexican bodegas for very little money.) I will have a few sets of lace or silk fans available for people to borrow during class. Come play. No experience required.



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