Carolyn Mabry, aka Caroleeena, founder of Circles of Joy, is an internationally known performer and hoopdance instructor from Raleigh, NC. She has been teaching hoopdance since 2005, locally, nationally and internationally.  Caroleeena performs with hoops, poi, fans and other tools and is an accomplished dancer in many styles, lots of which she draws upon in her teaching. Her numerous tutorials and videos on YouTube are eagerly awaited by new and experienced hoopers across the globe. Her teaching style is clear, enthusiastic and encouraging. She has twice won Hoopie Awards from — in 2007 for her work mentoring hoop students around the globe and again in 2009 for Tutorial of the Year and has repeatedly been nominated for Hoop Instructor of the Year by her peers.

Caroleeena encourages everyone around to follow their passions, especially in service to others. To that end, she moderates several online hooping communities and facilitates a free weekly community hoop jam at Pullen Park that has been meeting since 2007. She has taught hooping to the blind at the Governor Morehead School for the Blind, and created dozens of hooping projects for Boys and Girls clubs as well as for children with AIDS and their caregivers at the pediatric AIDS unit of Duke Hospital.

“Let me fling my life like a flaming firebrand into the gathering darkness of the world.” – Albert Schweitzer


10 Responses to “Introduction”

  • Meirra says:

    Caroleena I find you dance style inspiring and was wondering if you do coaching or workshops?

    I am involved in the dance community in Chapel Hill and am looking to expand on my dance styles by integrating silks, hoops and flame into the styles.

    If you or anyone you know would be interested in instruction please contact me.

    Kind Regards,

  • Suzan Setel says:

    Dear Caroleena! I so adore your kinesthetic wisdom. I love that you dance with your hoop. I dig that you are totally fab and a lot humble. I so wish you lived here in Seattle, so I could be inspired by you in person.

    I attended HC in 2009, I think. I used to live in Chapel Hill, ’til my husband’s job brought us to the PNW.

    Are you ever in the Seattle area? Do you do any coaching by Skype?


    Suzan (suZON)

  • tracy turney says:

    I am very interested in learning to hoop better. Do you have any classes starting up in February? I hope so:)

  • Nancy says:

    Hi caroleeena,
    Totally diggin you hooping to Doris Day’s “perhaps” Thanks for taking your time and putting these tutorials together. They are really helpful. Nancy Twisp, Wa

  • Vandi Woods says:

    Hi! I was wondering if you have a schedule of your classes and or retreats/events where you are going to be teaching? I just today found out about Flow Camp. 🙁 Thanks!

    • Caroleeena says:

      I am taking a wordpress class today to try to figure out how to integrate a calendar into my site. I’m doing it all myself and it is a low, torturous learning process. Hopefully I will have it soon! Thank you for asking. And sorry I missed you at Flow Camp!

  • Kelly Watson says:

    Hi Caroleeena!
    I am interested in getting some simple lessons for my daughter, Riley. She and I have been attending the hoop jams when we can. She loves it! Would love to talk with you about helping her do more with the hoop. Also, wanted to see about getting a BIG hoop for me to use. Thanks!

    • Caroleeena says:

      Hi Kelly, I am finally learning to use the features on my site. Sorry it has taken so long. (I’m not very technologically savvy.) I would love to hook you up with a hoop and I’d also love to teach your sweet daughter Riley. I am about to put a link to private lessons on the site. It should be up very soon. I’ll drop you a note also.

  • Lucinda Davis says:

    Hello, Carolyn & Happy Sunday!

    THANK YOU for a joyful Drum Circle celebration last week! Wow – 4 years! It’s really something super special to ponder how the purposeful, committed, earnest efforts of one human being can bring so much JOY to so many!!

    Are you perchance available to teach a hoop class in your backyard this comong Friday afternoon? Please let me know at your earliest convenience. My email is and cell 919-789-8900.

    My best,


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